This Home Is Built On Love And Shenanigans Frameable Print

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This Home is Built On Love and Shenanigans A Frameable Print

I have been so busy preparing planners, journals and calendars that I had to stop and create something fun. I adore this cute quote and am pleased with the way this frameable print it turned out. It fits our little family. Does it fit your family, too?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add personalized art to your home. If you have a printer, ink, paper (I highly recommend card stock for frameable prints), a frame and maybe some paint you can easily create some beautiful wall decor with this printable. The frameable is free and that is always super affordable. I also made the background transparent so that if you wanted to, you can print it on a background of your choice. For example, In the photo above I placed a wooden background to my print to add a touch of color.

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What Is Your Print Choice?

The print can be printed in three different ways.

Please read my Copyright Policy before downloading and printing my printables.
  1. It is available as a PDF HERE.
  2. The photo below is formatted to print as an 8 x 10. Hover over the photo and click  it. It will open in a new tab.  To print, right click over image and click “Save Image As.”  Then save the print to a folder of your choice. From the saved folder, right click then click “Print.”
  3. The last way to print the frameable is to hover over the photo and click  it. It will open in a new tab. Click “Copy Image” then open up a program like Word or OpenOffice.  Once your chosen Program is open, click “Paste.”  You may have to adjust the print to an 8×10 or smaller if you would rather a 5×7, for example. You can then print the frameable print.

free frameable print

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free frameable print wall decor

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33 thoughts on “This Home Is Built On Love And Shenanigans Frameable Print

  1. Hi there, I have your blog bookmarked so that I can come back to see all your new printables and recipes. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work! View Comment
    • Thank you Barbra, I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement. It's always great to hear from a fan! If you like, I do have a newsletter you can subscribe to. It will alert you to new posts and there are opportunities for subscribers to vote on new designs and printables.View Comment
  2. I love this!! It's going to look so cute hanging with our family photos. Thank you!View Comment
  3. How adorable! I'm printing it for my mom she will love it.View Comment
  4. So cute! My mom will love this and I am going to give it to her for her birthday. View Comment
  5. Hello my name is Alison, I love this print. I plan on printing a few copies and giving them away in a frame to some of my family members. I hope you make more prints like this.View Comment
  6. Very cute (and true) print! Love the idea to use in a frame!View Comment
  7. This is so cute! It is definitely true in our house, haha!View Comment
  8. Great family quote! I love the idea of framing and hanging it.View Comment
  9. Great quote, thank you for sharing it with us! I think my mom will love it.View Comment
  10. Cute quote! Where did it come from?View Comment
    • Thank you. I don't know where it came from. I did hear my grandparents say it several times when I was a kid. I research all the quotes before I use them on my blog I couldn't find an author for this one. It is quite popular and you can find it among many home decor sites.View Comment
  11. This is such a cute saying? I'll print it out when I'm on a computer. Right now I'm on my phone. I think this will be perfect for my house lolView Comment
  12. I should show this print to my husband so he can have a good laugh or something when he comes home from a stressful day. xxView Comment
  13. I LOVE this! My husband says this all the time!View Comment
  14. Great frame, it's looks professionally designed and all around looks very clean :)View Comment
  15. Downloading now! Love it! Thanks so much for the free printable. I was having a hard time deciding what to get my daughter-in-law for her birthday in a couple of weeks and this will do more than fine!View Comment
  16. Ha, I love this printable! Perfect for my large, crazy family :)View Comment

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