Introducing Bloomin’ Lilies And The Evolution Of How We Got Our Name

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Bloomin’ Lilies

Look at us! With our big name change and new design. If you have been following our website or YouTube Channel for long you will have noticed this is not the first name change we have been through. Some of you may be giving us the facepalm.

Well, It is hard picking out a name that will still hold some relevance as the years pass us by. AND has not been taken by someone else. Good names are scarce and it is frustrating to come up with a fantastic name only to learn it is being used elsewhere. Anyway, I thought I would give you a bit of history about this blogging journey, our name changes and why it has been changed.

Journey Through My 40’s

Right around the time I turned forty I started to toy with the idea of writing a blog. I waited about a year before deciding to go for it. I called it “Journey Through My Forties.” I liked it and figured it gave me a good time-frame of ten years to work with.

Soon I would be facing an empty nest, I was single, dating, living in a new area, and I loved the idea of writing about those experiences. I started on a free blogging site, writing in a journal style form. I was not too long into this journey when I discovered I was pregnant, With Twins! However, it was not meant to be and I lost them.

Blogging was put on hold.

What Do I Write Now?

When I decided I was ready to blog again, I scrapped everything. Something I now regret doing, but what is done is done.  I still wanted to write, but everything I put out felt forced, empty and meaningless. I shelved the whole idea for a few more months. In January of 2012 I started to try to write, but I still kept deleting everything I wrote. Then on February 14th I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Lilyannah. I wanted to have a record of the pregnancy, but I was holding back. My deep fears and concerns kept me detached from reality and I basically lived in limbo for awhile. I tentatively wrote out a few blurbs about being pregnant. However, it was not until I was almost through the second trimester that I started to let it really sink in.

It did not take long to discover writing was getting me nowhere. It took too long, gave me time to second guess myself and delete delete delete. Fortune crossed my path in the form of YouTube. I had been aware of YouTube but never really utilized it until I started to try to find information on what had changed since I last gave birth (In case any of you are wondering there is an eighteen year gap between my fourth and fifth child). I came across mommy vlogs and thought it was a wonderful way to record my journey. It has been a wonderful tool. In the beginning I would blurt out way more than necessary, upload it, and it was live as is. Once it was out there I was content to leave it. Luckily for all who chance upon my videos I have picked up some editing skills.

The Online Journey Began.

What Is Going On Here?

It was during those first few weeks of the third trimester that I started to have a few doubts about “Journey Through My Forties.” I could not think of anything I really liked that I felt would work, grow with my family or wasn’t taken. Since getting pregnant, I stopped thinking about being a single adult with adult children and back to being a mama with children. For some reason I encompassed my adult children back into the fold. I think it was mainly because I did not want them to feel left out.

However, right around the time my daughter was eight months old I decided to shut down the blog and start a new YouTube channel since at the time YouTube wasn’t allowing URL changes. I wanted to change it all before I got many more followers. I once again deleted my blog and hid all the videos on the old YouTube channel, except two, overlaid an explanation and asked everyone to join us at our new channel “In Full Bloom.” From the start I was unsure of the name, I had wanted “Blooming Lilies” or “Where The Lilies Bloom” but the domains were taken. Someone is holding the domain “Blooming Lilies” for a ransom of $1895, that’s down from $3000 back in 2012, and a movie holds the last domain and most of the social media handles.

In Full Bloom

I promoted the new name, ‘In Full Bloom’ and content everywhere I could but an odd thing happened. The old stuff started receiving a bunch of traffic and people were subscribing to the old YouTube channel at 3x’s the normal rate. To top it off the new name and content was flopping. It did not appear to have anything to do with the old name vs the new one, nonetheless, to this day I have no explanation for it.

I do not remember now how long I tried to make ‘In Full Bloom’ work, but almost immediately began to brainstorm on something new. At the time most people in the blogging and vlogging world were saying the best way to brand yourself was to use your name. I was very reluctant to do that and had a list of reasons why I thought the way I did. Also, I very much wanted something that was personal, meaningful, family related and would not feel dated in a few years. I carried a notebook and pen with me everywhere and made sure it was at my bedside each night. During this time frame I was pushing for a private family blog that would connect my family and extended family members. This caused me to seriously consider our family blog name. So, Nuttah Awenasa, came into the running.

Nuttah Awenasa

Nuttah Awenasa, did not exclude any of my children, It was the name that had the most meaning behind it and when I asked for opinions in the blogging and YouTube community it was the name most chosen. Unfortunately, I still had a nagging voice saying it was not quite right. I was worried people would have a hard time remembering it and people usually stare at me blankly when I say our name. I sat on using our name for almost a year, but a deadline for my domain name was closely approaching and I needed to pick something sooner rather than later. Nuttah Awenasa it was. It also gave us our tag line. My Heart My Home …To Yours.

Nuttah = My Heart

Awenasa = My Home

What Happened? Where Did We Go?

Something unfortunate happened around the time the new name and domain came about. I got sick, very sick and also lost my insurance around the same time. Things spiraled downward and a blog and YouTube took a backseat. There would be a few days or maybe a week where I felt I could dive back into it, but it did not last long enough to grow and make something of it. I posted here on the blog when I could, but our YouTube channel has not had any new uploads in over a year, at the time of writing this. My insurance has kicked back in, and just recently found a doctor that will listen to me and does not try to throw quick fixes at me or try to drug me unnecessary medications. I want to fix the problems not cover them up with drugs.

One thing I have kept up with are our emails and comments. I try very hard to answer everyone and in a timely matter. That nagging voice in my head about Nuttah Awenasa showed up in our followers communications. They would tell me they had a hard time remembering exactly what it was, they could not spell it and they had a hard time pronouncing it. So, I made sure the blog, YouTube, and every social media site we used had the pronunciation in the about sections. Along with links that had audio on how to say it. This did not seem to help the matter.

Almost There

When I first decided that ‘Journey Through My 40’s’ was not going to work I loved the idea of incorporating Lily in some way, but everything I could come up with was already taken. Moreover, at the time, I had not moved on from the notion that I did not need to include my grown children into all of this. Again, I did not want them to feel excluded. It was not until recently that I let myself let go of most of those feelings. They are my family but they have their own households now.

In reality they play a small role in my blogging/vlogging. It took me awhile to come around and admit to myself, the blog and the YouTube channel are really about my youngest daughter and myself. It’s our journey. If I was to nitpick at it, it is still mostly my journey.  Plus, I do all of the writing, filming, editing, promoting and so on. Be that as it may, my baby is a large part of my life and I include her input as much as possible. That includes helping pick out our new name, colors, photos for banners and much more. She is a great little gal to bounce ideas off of.

It Is About Time!

So now we are finally to the current name. If you have made it this far you must be a true fan or curious by nature.

Bloomin’ Lilies

Blooming Lilies has been on my list since before the second name change, but it’s still taken. One of the reasons why I love it is that my youngest daughter’s and my name means Lily and Blooming indicates growing and growth to me. But, it also still felt like it excluded the rest of the family. About a year ago – My word! I do not understand why I need to maul names over for a year! – Anyway…

About a year ago, my oldest son was kind enough to let me think out loud with him. I asked him what he thought about “Bloomin’ Lilies.” He did something that has stuck with me all this time. He made a fist and rolled his arm upwards close to his body and said the name. The movement was meant to mimic a pirate saying, “Aaarrrr!”

Okay, I guess you had to be there, but in my mind it added a bit of adventure and defiance to the name. My adult kids like it, or do not really care as it turns out. My baby girl loves it and so do I. I conducted a small poll with our followers and it was a huge hit. I do worry a bit that people will forget to drop the ‘g,’ but this name feels better all around over anything else that has been on my list of possibilities.

What do you think of the new name and the overall blog design? Let us know in the comments.


I am going to be really upset with myself if I feel like I need to change names, AGAIN! Seriously, enough is enough.

I am in love with the new logo lilies. They match much better over the old ones.

Holy smokes! I cannot believe this post is almost 2000 words.

I must be feeling better, I have gotten long winded again.

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Introducing Bloomin' Lilies
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